Escal - Arquetectura Bioclimática

About us

ESCAL Bioclimatic Architecture is a company formed by an interdisciplinary team specialized in architecture, construction, project engineering and sustainability, energy efficiency and Consultancy.


We aim to provide a holistic vision and one response of the medium surrounding us and allowing the interaction of multiple factors that unite the city with humans.

Our challenge is to integrate design, comfort and energy efficiency to achieve excellence.


To be a reference as a consulting firm in the domestic and international market, promoting our ideas and projects by introducing  new energetic urban models.


· Excellence of our services and commitments
Every customer is unique, so our priority is to tailor our services to each client, through the personal manner, the terms of objectives and service quality, as the adequacy of the solutions adopted.

· Strategic Vision
Innovation is essential to achieve high performance. We provide a strategic, multidisciplinary practice to help you define and achieve that your vision and ideas materialized.

Our outsourcing to other countries brings our company philosophy and Spanish character to other corners all over the globe.

· Benefit to the whole of society
We create value for the society, building and providing services that contribute to an efficient and sustainable manner to the welfare of the people.

· Excellence
The way to excellence goes through continue working  continuously with commitment to the environment in our projects and buildings, looking for maximum quality in our services.

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